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Connect your game console to the Net.
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HD Video Connectivity Kit
A complete plug & play High Definition Video network in one box!
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AV200 CableLAN Adapter
Just plug your adapters in with the power cable and the coax cable, connect them to any computer or device with the included Ethernet cable
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Corinex's GameNet on TechTalk (6 minute audio)

AV200 Home Networking
Step by step, see how easy it is to put a network on your electrical wires.

Powerline Noise Filter & PowerPhase Coupler

Electrical Noise Causing Headaches? Use this Powerline Filter to eliminate the electrical noise caused by devices with heavy motors such as hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and electric shavers. Simply plug in the filter and plug the offending device into the filter. Your network is up to full speed again - and as an added bonus, you won't catch cold from having wet hair all day.

Isolation Chamber Curious about the maximum possible performance of your Corinex AV200 adapters? Use your Corinex Powerline Noise Filter to create optimal conditions. Plug a power strip into the filter and plug a couple adapters into the power strip. The network speed between these two adapters will be at a maximum, with no network signal leaking out into the rest of the house.

WARNING: This is the only way in which you should use a power strip with your AV200 Powerline adapters. In normal network usage, the surge protectors in power strips can reduce the performance of AV200 Powerline adapters.

Covering a Blind Spot When the outlets in just one room or section of your house have a noticeably weak Powerline network connection, it may mean that those rooms are on a different circuit. The Corinex PowerPhase Coupler joins together the Powerline network frequencies from separate circuits. Simply plug in the coupler (in the kitchen or at your clothes dryer) to extend your Powerline signal to the adjoining circuits. Problem solved!

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